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This is where Upcycling starts!

We choose the containers for c-Home at the factory with our partners, based on their structural integrity. Since we’re upcycling containers with some history, a few cosmetic marks should be expected and add cachet to the finished product. Finally we pay special attention to the quality of the beautiful wood floors they come with.

Large portions of the corrugated walls and roof will remain visible inside the house based on where they fit within the geometry of your layout.  When newly painted, they add great texture to each room.


The entire floor of c-Home preserves the original floor of the containers, which is made of a strong and durable 1-1/8" hardwood plywood called Apitong, with large boards screwed into the container steel joists underneath. The area below the wood floor is fully insulated with spray foam and enclosed to keep it warm. The container steel plates (where it connects to a truck when on the road) are also exposed and create a pattern throughout the house. We lightly sand both the plywood and the steel plate to get rid of dirt, major marks and splinters, and seal it with a matte finish. This process ensures a barefoot-safe surface that is both elegant and easy to clean.


Partitions are made of floor-to-ceiling wood sliding panels. They separate bathrooms and closets from the open bedrooms and living room, and they are fabricated from the same unique and strong Apitong hardwood plywood as the floors. The 1-1/8" thick panels are mounted on tracks hidden behind the white upper portion of the wall. That same surface can be used to mount the HVAC indoor diffusers (optional) where needed.

The ceilings in c-Home are the original container roof, insulated on the outside, painted and exposed on the inside in the living room and bedrooms.


c-Home is fitted with very large windows on both sides to create cross lighting and ventilation. They make the design unique. Each large operable glass panel is 8-feet tall by 5-feet wide and slides on tracks, with double-sliding panels on both sides of the living room, and single-sliding panels at the bedrooms. All operable windows are fitted with retractable screens that roll into a vertical tube, making them convenient and easy to use throughout the year, with no need to remove and store.


Perhaps the most visible feature of c-Home are the striking slanted windows that make up much of the profile of the house. Made from fixed double-glazed panes, the windows provide ample insulation from the elements and unique framed views of the outside environment.

Shading devices are optional; if selected, they are installed in 5-foot panels, wall mounted at the ceiling and they can be either manual or electric operated.


All models feature one painted corrugated wall and a stationary window for natural light. White penny tiles with light-grey grout line the wet wall.

Different c-Home models offer different bathroom options, including a powder room w/laundry, a bathroom w/shower and a bathroom w/soaking bathtub (optional), as well as a tall glass side splash.

For the full list of plumbing fixtures, such as the medicine cabinet, faucets, trims, vanity, toilet etc., please click the FEATURES yellow button at top and bottom of this page.


c-Home is fitted with IKEA kitchen cabinets and built-in appliances. A kitchen island can be added as an option.

A choice of color is available for the selected cabinets and choice of materials for the selected countertop.

For the full list of kitchen appliances and fixtures, such as refrigerator, oven, cook top, hood, sink, faucet, finishes and more, please click the FEATURES yellow button at top and bottom of this page.


The stairs follow the diagonal slant of the large windows. They are designed specifically for c-Home as an open steel frame with Apitong wood steps. The steel railing is also very open for maximum transparency and light.


Hardware is selected for simplicity and durability. Slender vertical handles operate all wood sliding panels, partitions and glass sliding panels.


All c-Home models feature two kinds of light fixtures, a strip light for the kitchen, bathrooms and closets, and a socket with globe bulbs for bedrooms. A light junction box is located above the dining area to easily set up a hanging or ceiling light of your choice. Outlets are distributed along the walls to connect additional lamps.


c-Home's fireplace is optional. We selected a wood-burning steel-construction w/ceramic fire-bowl fireplace that adds heat and great comfort to the house on cold days.


c-Home’s signature is all about upcycling and transforming the shipping containers that we hand-select to transform into one-of-a-kind homes.


Pick the color you want to customize your home, and it will be ready to ship from one of our multiple manufacturing partners near you.