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c-Home//Living offers a curated view of sustainable living through artist collaborations, editorial features, and the virtual/physical exhibitions of our c-Home//Gallery series.


Photos by: Aundre Larrow
c–Home : Claverack, NY

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Chris Rucker is an artist and designer living in NYC since 1996, he works in wood, ceramic, textile, works on paper, making sculptures, objects, installations, paintings and drawings, as well as designing and building interiors, and houses.

A new body of work developed while investigating divination tools and practices, such as the tarot. I record the symbols and words that surface in my sketchbook. The four elements of air, earth, fire, water, and four directional coordinates of north, south, east, west are a framework for this research into the inner self and inform new aesthetic decisions. S (2) assembles found objects into the form of an arrow pointing south and is wrapped in bright orange textiles symbolizing the element of fire.

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Denim and Military Rug- Classic Rag Rag that become popular during the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century, made in New York City using the same wooden looms.

The consumer outlook in a Fast Fashion era requires re-training. ANYBAG and Made by Alex focus their storytelling on connecting consumer perceptions of designed objects to the systems that produce them. Creating durable, useful, and thoughtful goods whose system of production is the design. Using what’s around us and make something from nothing. 

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DEADSTOCK" is a collection of works which showcases the creative possibilities of re-purposing discarded materials. These artworks feature a range of pieces, including collages, sculptures, and fashion designs, all incorporating dead stock materials. The use of these materials adds a unique texture and character to each piece. In these pieces we gym socks, t shirts spray paint gesso and coffee grounds.

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The Electric Cord bag, made from a 25 foot standard outdoor orange electric cord, playfully questions what our everyday items are made from.
Can we take something mundane and reimagine it into something new?  Can a bag be an electric cord? Can an electric cord also be a bag? How far can this be pushed until one supersedes the other? Each bag is handmade through a painstaking process of glueing, while using a series of molds to get the correct shape. The goal is to make a bag without cutting or ruining the cord itself as it is still able to be plugged in and used.

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Coclico speaks to a personal identity that extends beyond style and luxury to our way of living in the world. Consciously, artfully, elegantly. At Coclico, we believe that luxury isn’t the ability to purchase endlessly, but the privilege of choosing wisely. We are committed to being a footwear house that embodies this philosophy, by offering high-quality, timeless pieces that are sustainably and ethically made. Our focus on slow fashion means that we prioritize quality over quantity, and value the artistry and skill that goes into each piece we create. We use certified-sustainable materials and production methods to minimize our environmental impact and work to reduce waste by producing only small, limited runs. 

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Aundre Larrow is a Jamaican-born photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. From his work as an Adobe Creative Resident exploring stories across the country to working on the set of W. Kamau Bell’s United Shades, Aundre seeks to see the fundamental truth in each human being, regardless of background, culture, or upbringing. For him, portraiture is the archeologist’s chisel, the biologist’s microscope, the physicist’s Large Hadron Collider.

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