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  • What are the advantages to the design of c-Home?
    UPCYCLING c-Home brings together distinctive, design-forward architecture with conscious sustainable building practices. Modules are built entirely from reclaimed shipping containers, providing strenth, durability and a modern industrial aesthetic. We also preserve the original wooden floors. PRE-FABRICATION c-Home's pre-fabrication methods can mean significant time savings in building your home. Instead of waiting for site-work to be completed, your c-Home is built in our factory while your site is being prepared by your local contractor. c-Home is delivered virtually complete, ready to be craned in, with all interior elements installed. LIGHT Built for contemporary living, c-Home boasts wide windows offering beautiful light and views, open floor plans and large decks that blend seamlessly from indoor to outdoor living spaces. Framed views of the outside environment, Ample insulation from the striking slanted windows.
  • What are the advantages of working with c-Home?
    Designed by renowned architecture firm LOT-EK, c-Home represents the culmination of nearly 30 years experience building custom commercial and residential structures from re-purposed, hand-selected shipping containers. Working with c-Home allows you the opportunity to use our modular system to project beyond a single family home. We can help you create the layout you've been dreaming of by re-thinking the designs of our models to fit the vision in your head. By picking choices from our options page and adding a shed, garage, or another c-Home will allow you to maximize your indoor and outdoor living spaces. There are a lot of advantages to working with c-Home on a larger development project as well. We would be able to save you more time and materials by working on a project with multiple c-Homes.
  • What options do I have to personalize my c-Home? Exterior and interior.
    Personalize your home to your preferences with options picked by our architects. Check out our Options Document on our website that outlines all choices you have for your c-Home. Definitely check out our green roof, roof deck, and kitchen options! Also if you are dreaming of something different for your c-Home like a yoga studio or work from home office, you have the option to omit the kitchen or bathroom if it better fits your needs.
  • What type of expansion and storage options do I have with c-Home?
    We have multiple options for expanding your c-Home. Although we cannot put two c-Homes together or modify the overall design of a c-Home, you can expand your home by creating an indoor/outdoor layout. You can do this by adding exterior decks between different c-Home structures. The options you have (if permitted): Two c-Home models Garage Unit Basement Shed & Extra Storage What we cannot: Add another floor to your c-Home Add another container to the width of your c-Home Modify the structure of the c-Home
  • What is included in the base price of a c-Home model and what is extra?
    Check out the bottom of our Options Document to see what is inluded and not included in the base c-Home price. It is important to note that quote prices** are decided after the feasibility study. Inclusions foundations plans (design + engineering) - for footing foundations for typical soil conditions - built on site by local contractor exterior decks plans (design + engineering) - for lumber decks built on site by local contractor Exclusions - performed by owner and/or local contractor building permits (as required) final inspections (as required) site preparation (based on conditions) transportation from local factory to site (based on mileage) site craning and assembly of modules (based on model of your choice) connections of all mechanical systems waterproofing of the seams between modules interior finishes at the seams between modules
  • How long does the c-Home process take from beginning to end?
    We cannot give you an exact timeline or price until the feasiblity study is completed. Our Process Initial Feasibility Study: about 2-4 weeks (depending on how responsive the local representatives are to answer our questions) for a fee per individual c-Home based on location (we will help negotiate). The study will also allow us to quote transportation and installation costs. Permitting process for approval: Varies depending on local representative Prefabrication with choices: about 10-12 weeks. We have the capacity to pre-fab multiple c-Homes at the same time. Based on which models you pick and how many you order, we can give you a better quote for lead time. Foundation and Site Preparation: about 10-12 weeks (in parallel with prefab) Delivery to Installation Site: about 1-2 days Installation and Connection to Utilities: 12-20 days
  • Where can a c-Home be installed?
    Our pre-fab partners can supply c-Homes all over the US and parts of Europe. Fill out our Contact Us form where you can get talking to one of your architects and plan the next steps for your project.
  • Does c-Home offer financing?
    We partner with a broker specialized in financing prefab container homes. Fill out our Contact Us form, ask to be introduced to our loan-specialist, and we will check your eligibility for a c-Home loan.
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