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c-Home /

If you are interested in c-Home models we’d be pleased to help you move forward.

The next step would be that we run a Feasibility Study for you for a flat fee* that covers all the items listed below:


Project scope / 


1 / Model selection /

We will start by confirming that the model you have chosen is the right one for your needs and evaluate which optional features you might need and finalize the pricing of your c-Home, including shipping.


2 / Land requirements /

If you already have a property to build your c-Home on, we will help you determine if and how the c-Home model you selected can be installed.


3 / Zoning analysis /

We will verify local zoning requirements that will determine the actual location of your c-Home on your property.


4 / Permitting /

We will verify all local requirements for permitting, inspections and certificate of occupancy as needed for the installation of your c-Home.


5 / Site work estimate /

In collaboration with our official installer, we will help estimate the cost of foundation and utilities work on site, craning and installing of the container modules, mechanical connections and final finishes on site.





*contact us to get the price

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